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Please find below a list of leading enterprise management tools from different domains like EA, BPA, GRC, BPM(S), CMDB, Software Design, Repositories and Registries, offered by different vendors.  Select below your favorite tools you like to integrate for uni- or bi-directional model-data and diagram interchange.

Every company, product, and service name may be a trademark, a registered trademark, or a service mark of their respective owner.

Comparison of ARIS® Express vs. Microsoft® Office Visio® with BPM-X Designer technology
The new ARIS® Express is a cost-free process modeling tool that aims for companies that only have limited budgets available. This article investigates how ARIS® Express and Microsoft® Office Visio® in conjunction with the BPM-X Designer add-in match important success criteria imposed on process modeling software.
What is BPM-Xchange?

BPM-Xchange® is software that offers highly sophisticated model, master and meta data conversions and exchange among a variety of tools and methodologies.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for BPM

BPM-Xchange® has been introduced to reduce the high TCO of BPM, related to license, maintenance, user training and support costs,e.g. the combined ARIS-Visio platform.

Optimizing Your SAP Solutions and Projects
Analyzing your SAP® ERP solution in terms of performance, risk and compliance using  SAP Solution Manager,  delivers key indicators and As-Is process maps.
Improving the Return Of Investment
Applying the SOA best-of-breed approach using the most relevant toolsets. There are a many BPM scenarios where organizations have to deal with BPM tools from different vendors to build a BPM landscape.