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Business Process Capturing

Business processes in a company seldom emerge as a well-structured form representing the  corporate model. The enterprise business model typically evolves from the existing enterprise workflows. Business diagrams then expand historically from semi-structured sketches within  documents, presentations or ad-hoc diagrams, usually within Microsoft Word, Visio and Power Point.

Popular BPM products rarely take into account this natural evolution. In most cases they offer exclusive dedicated environments with the implied migration of all existing process diagramsl. Total migration of these existing processes is expensive and time consuming. It is critical to the successful deployment of BPM for an enterprise. It requires the close collaboration of BPM analysts  with business users on all levels of the enterprise hierarchy. The requirements and the differences in the  approaches often lead to failures in BPM projects.

BPM-Xchange® offers a completely different, revolutionary approach to BPM implementation and execution. In contrast to the existing solutions, BPM-Xchange is a neutral format with regards to any given BPM vendor. It does not offer or enforce any specific BPM style or format. Rather, it acts as 'glue' connecting and reinforcing the existing BPM standards, both established and emerging within an enterprise.

This neutral transparency eliminates the most difficult and expensive step within a normal BPM deployment. Instead of reworking the complete process environment within  an enterprise, BPM-Xchange reuses existing process notations . As a result, end users at all levels of enterprise management do not need to learn new process rules or software to use at their workplaces. Instead, they can further use their existing  tools and workflows, which they have already mastered.

BPM-Xchange® handles and simplifies all of the hidden and sometimes complex work of transfering semi structured process diagrams from the  routine work of company executives and business users into a well structured  process model of the enterprise. Business users will not have to spend valuable time to learn the complexities of process migration. IT experts will not have to analyze  the routine company workflows. Each group of BPM users will be able to operate within the environment that is familiar and convenient for that group. BPM-Xchange® will work in the background to ensure the transparent exchange of content between these groups.