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BPM-Xchange® offers a set of products to establish continuous business process management in large organizations and enterprises. By our process exchange middleware, we provide real universal process transformations for seamless BPM tools and standards integration. This middleware is positioned as a backend for information management. As a frontend for BPM users, we offer method compliant modeling support and process publishing products which close the gap between complex BPM tools used by BPM Specialists and lightweight BPM tools for Business Users and Process Owners.
Middleware for Universal Model and Master Data Exchange and Meta Model Transformation
BPM-Xchange® is a universal model  and master data exchange and meta model transformation software for carrying out highly sophisticated conversions between a variety of tools and methodologies. BPM-Xchange® can import all popular vendor and standards formats to offer a genuine universal model transformation.
Microsoft Visio® for Business Process Modeling
BPM-X Designer extends Visio® to a BPM modeling tool. Visio® achieves the capabilities of methods-compliant modeling. As with all high-end modeling BPM tools, BPM-X Designer has different diagram types for the modeling of different contexts, such as workflow models, organizational charts, data models among with many other diagram types.
Open Meta Model Management
Model transformation algorithms rely on the knowledge of the model describing method. A method consists of various model types, which are technically specified by a meta model definition. BPM-Xchange® has an flexible open meta model (meta meta model) that allows to define one's own specific methods. Further it offers an extensive set of templates with more than 200 predefined model types such as BPMN, EPC or Flowchart.
Meta Model Configuration
The BPM-Xchange® software has a flexible open meta model to generically describe methods. These methods specify the input and output model data structures to be transformed exchanged between different tools.
Mapping Rules Configuration
The mapping rules configuration defines the transformation parameters for the BPM-X Converter model conversion, based on the source and target methods.
Method Analyzer to Reengineer the Methodology

Business diagrams often exist as quick sketches within standard office documents. Even if your company is using professional process modeling tools, these tools often lack exposing modeling methods explicitly.

Process Model Publishing
Web publishing of process and IT information is a significant factor for the success and acceptance of business process management. The BPM-X Browser component makes the information available to all the BPM participants, business stakeholders and process owners within your organization. This includes the process diagrams, documentation, metadata and relationships as well.
Process Management Collaboration Using SharePoint®
Microsoft SharePoint® is an important platform for the collaboration of virtual project teams. This is increasingly used by organizations. SharePoint® offers innovative combinations of workflow, forms and content management functionalities. SharePoint® structures information in document libraries with versioned documents. Documents can be any type of files like Word documents, Excel® sheets or Visio® diagrams.
Enterprise Process Model Reporting
BPM-Xchange® introduces a new level of enterprise-wide reporting for BPM with multidimensional Process Model Warehousing, facilitating Business Intelligence BI technologies to analyze your favorite enterprise business process  repository.