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Open Meta Model Management
Model transformation algorithms rely on the knowledge of the model describing method. A method consists of various model types, which are technically specified by a meta model definition. BPM-Xchange® has an flexible open meta model (meta meta model) that allows to define one's own specific methods. Further it offers an extensive set of templates with more than 200 predefined model types such as BPMN, EPC or Flowchart.
The functions for method administration are built into the BPM-X Administrator tool. This tool allows administrators to define or edit method meta model necessary to describe model structures as a basis of subsequent model transformations. BPM-Xchange® can import all popular formats and standards with a set of predefined adapters and templates. The software is highly flexible configurable and can be adjusted for the needs of your specific EA and BPM environment.
Benefits using BPM-X Administrator are


  • Great adaptability of BPM-Xchange® for domain specific requirements
  • Fexible support of specific methodologies with an unlimited opportunity to create new modeling approaches and methods defining your domain specific modeling language
  • Full administrative control over the configuration of the BPM-Xchange® converter middleware
  • Configuration of predefined diagram types to match the needs of your business domain

The BPM-X Administrator has two core functionalities

  • Method meta model configuration
  • Mapping rules configuration
The method configuration is used to define the methods for the input and output model data. The Method Editor within the BPM-X Administrator, is used to maintain the method meta data.

1.BPM Meta Data Management

The mapping rules configuration defines the transformation parameters for the BPM-X Converter, based on the source and target methods. The Mapping Editor tool within the BPM-X Administrator is used to maintain those mapping rules.