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Enterprise Process Model Reporting
BPM-Xchange® introduces a new level of enterprise-wide reporting for BPM with multidimensional Process Model Warehousing, facilitating Business Intelligence BI technologies to analyze your favorite enterprise business process  repository. The product BPM-X Reporting Services links your preferred BPM tools with your enterprise database and BI environment from leading vendors and products such as SAP® BusinessObjects, Oracle® BI, Microsoft® BI or IBM® Cognos.

1.Enterprise Process Model Reporting

Web based reporting services frontend for end users with Microsoft Office integration (click on image to zoom)

The BPM-X Converter has an SQL adapter to bridge BPM tools like e.g. Aris®, Visio®, ProVision®, Casewise® or others with an SQL Server database. This bridging technology converts the BPM process repository into the SQL database with

  • Interlinked models and the model hierarchies
  • Model groups
  • Model data such as: elements, symbols, connectors and attributes

Having the model repository data within your database, the BI technology offers a broad set of tools to analyse the data in various methods like Pivot tables or other OLAP technologies as well as sophisticated Web or Excel reports. In addition, enterprise specific descriptive or operational data can be mapped to the business process models e.g. for KPI analysis.

With BPM-X Reporting Services several process repositories maintained by different groups in your organization with BPM tools from different vendors can be consolidated into one Business Process Warehouse. In this consolidation process, the BPM-Xchange transformation technology normalizes different methodologies into one suitable standard method for a unified and comprehensive process analysis.

Enterprise Process Model reporting offers you

  • analyzing  large model datasets with stable, scalable standard technology from leading BI vendors
  • improving process governance and model quality assurance
  • executing corporate performance management including operational data KPI analysis
  • consolidating existing BPM tool repositories, projects or databases into one large dataset for analysis (Process Model Warehouse)
  • comparing different versions of process models, process variants or BPA tool repositories with a single database

Benefits of using BPM-Xchange® Reporting Services are:

  • Open technology offers full access to models, objects, connectors, links with applied attributes, and values
  • Create flexible interfaces into any data format from your own model repository making use of existing model information
  • Since no scripting is needed to create sophisticated reports on process models, the costs to create new reports are dramatically reduced
  • Preconfigured report templates lower the costs for reporting by direct access for business users
  • Zero deployment for the business workplace using the internet browser minimizes the costs for deployment of reports

There is a predefined BPM-X solution using the Microsoft BI Reporting Services which come with the standard editions of the Microsoft SQL 2005 and 2008 databases. This comes with a built-in web technology which allows business users to access  the report templates using the Internet Explorer on their workplace.

Features using BPM-X Reporting Services with Microsoft® BI

  • Standard Microsoft Visual Studio tools are used to create report templates by the report administrator in a way similar to the creation of reports for Microsoft Access®
  • Internet technology allows the use of reports in your intranet for business users independent of the BPM tool
  • Multiple formats such as HTML, XML, Excel or PDF are offered for publishing of the report deliverables
  • Active Directory authorization management