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Middleware for Universal Model and Master Data Exchange and Meta Model Transformation
BPM-Xchange® is a universal model  and master data exchange and meta model transformation software for carrying out highly sophisticated conversions between a variety of tools and methodologies. BPM-Xchange® can import all popular vendor and standards formats to offer a genuine universal model transformation.

The core component of the BPM-Xchange® software is the BPM-X Converter component. It facilitates the exchange of models between tools from different vendors, methodologies and standards, like

  • Business process models (EPC, BPMN, ...)

  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
  • Software development models (UML, SysML, ...)

  • Workflow and process execution models (XPDL, BPEL, ...)

Workflow using the BPM-X Converter

Usually, the source tool delivers the model data in a tool specific XML data format. The BPM-X Converter reads the model data and converts it into the technical data format suitable for the target tool. Also it transforms the source model structure into the method required by the target tool. Thus not only a technical format change takes place, but also a substantially more sophisticated methodical model transformation. Therefore, BPM-X Converter transforms not just visual appearance of diagrams but the entire business logic for the whole enterprise workflow model.

Strategic advantages

  • Independence of a single tool vendor

  • Interlinking different tools in a challenging EA and BPM landscape

  • Enhancement of EA and BPM quality by improving the collaboration of participants

  • Lower IT costs on a long term scale

Economic profits

  • Substantial time and money savings as a result of an automatic exchange of models

  • Cost reduction by enabling the coexistence of appropriate tools for specific EA and BPM tasks

  • Optimization of licenses fee structure, maintenance efforts, training and support costs by linking office tools with expert tools

  • Investment protection
1.Business Process Model Transformation

Transformation rules differ between technical data formats, methods and purposes, but these can be individually defined with the help of the BPM-X Administrator. This way, it is possible to specify which element types of the source method should be converted into which element types of the target method. In the simplest case for example, it can be stated that an "activity" or a "partial process" shall be converted into a "function", an "actor" into a "role" etc. In addition, more complicated transformation rules can also be established. In cases where transformation rules between model elements depend on the context of each element, rather than obeying a simple one-to-one correspondence, BPM-X Converter uses pattern-based transformation based on graph theory.

In this manner, different model descriptions can be transformed into each other, such as flowcharts, EPC, BPMN, UML, XPDL as well as the numerous specific formats of different tools and standards. Predefined transformation rules are available for most of the BPM tool adapters currently shipped with the BPM-X Converter. Other transformations can be defined with the help of the BPM-X Administrator.

For a range of leading BPM tools and standards such as Aris® or Microsoft Visio® templates with methods, mapping rules and shapes exist. Moreover, an XML interface format has been developed by BPM-X for an easy connection of your own BPM tools with the BPM-X Converter under Open Source licenses terms.

Strong features and benefits of BPM-X Converter are

  • Open modular architecture to allow complex integration scenarios

  • Fast third party integration through multiple adapters like

    • C and C++ with direct DLL linkage

    • Microsoft.NET and Microsft COM

    • Java

    • SOAP and AJAX

  • Easy extensions and customization through concise API and straight forward workflows