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Process Model Publishing
Web publishing of process and IT information is a significant factor for the success and acceptance of business process management. The BPM-X Browser component makes the information available to all the BPM participants, business stakeholders and process owners within your organization. This includes the process diagrams, documentation, metadata and relationships as well. BPM-Xchange® can import all popular BPM formats and standards with a set of predefined adapters and templates. The software is highly flexible configurable and can be adjusted for the needs of your specific BPM environment.

The BPM-X Browser offers easy-to-use navigational capabilities through interlinked process models and process group hierarchies. The process repository of an organization becomes transparent using this internet technology with the Internet Explorer in the intranet with no extra components installed on the intranet client machines.

Features of BPM-X Browser are
  • Single click publishing of the whole enterprise model
  • Easy navigation with complete reconstruction of model links
  • Scaling graphics inside web browser
  • Table of attributes for each diagram element
  • Unlimited model scope up to publish huge process repositories
  • Ready model sharing over internet and intranet
  • Background service for smart site updates

The BPM-X Browser supports the generation of a complete structured hierarchy as HTML by groups and linked process models. Thus, the user can drill down from the enterprise top level model through the process hierarchy levels down to the most detailed process workflow levels. The users can navigate through the nested information and explore the aspects of enterprise architecture and BPM.

In addition, the user has available all of the useful functions such as zoom and display of properties from selected process shapes or for the overall process model. A integrated feedback function allows for the easy creation of email notifications to the process manager. By clicking the notification link, your favorite email client is launched and your request or comment concerning the current process model will be sent to the process manager.

HTML publications can be easily customized with front pages, CSS style sheets and images for your organization's CI/CD. Optionally the publishing process can be automated using the scheduler component of BPM-X Browser.

Benefits are

  • Low cost technology using existing intranet and internet technologies in your organization
  • Minimised requirements for training and application support
  • Early commitment of business stakeholders for changes in your organization driven by BPM projects
  • Improved development of the process maturity by enhanced process comprehension of process owners
  • Zero-deployment on intranet clients

1.Process Model Publishing